Thursday, June 8, 2017

We the People: Standing in Solidarity, Saturday, 9AM-1130AM, San Bernardino

Saturday at 9 AM - 11:30 AM

We invite you to this event to show that the Inland Empire includes Muslims as peaceful members of our community and supports their rights to live, practice, and pursue happiness without infringement or fear of harm. This is protected by the First Amendment.

This is a non-confrontational, peaceful event, so please bring only positive messages of love and community. This event will take place on the sidewalks of the Waterman/Hospitality intersection. More details to follow.

NOTE: At the same time as our event, a group of people with a history of expressing anti-Muslim views is planning to assemble close to the Inland Regional Center (IRC) at the intersection of S. Waterman Ave. and E. Orange Show Rd. Our event will be confined near Hospitality Ln. (approx. 0.5 miles from IRC) and we ask all participants to not approach this direction in order to prevent the possibility of a violent incident.