Monday, October 16, 2017

Wednesday Night Movie: Blood in the Face, October 25, 7:00 PM

Blood in the Face, Anne Bohlen, Kevin Rafferty, James Ridgeway (1991, 78 minutes), Wednesday, October 25, 7:00 PM, Church of the Messiah (614 N. Bush Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701), Upper Room.

Based on the book by James Ridgeway, the documentary provides an in-depth view of white supremacy groups in the United States. Some of the interviews are conducted by Michael Moore. More recent short videos on the subject will also be shown.

Messiah Parishioner John Liu belongs to the faculty of Social Sciences and Asian-American Studies at UCI, specializing in Race, Ethnic, and Minority relations. He will lead us in a post-film discussion.

"In a series of amazing interviews, members of the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, and the Posse Commitatus reveal the frighteningly over-rationalized logic behind their beliefs. 'The Russians and Chinese are amassing tanks at the Mexican border' and 'The men behind the Holocaust were Jews' are two of the more preposterous claims recorded by the film. While it's an investigation of the people behind the political power of politicians like David Duke, the film is also a study of how people are overtaken by hate and fear. The result is an essential and powerful documentary" (Rotten Tomatoes).

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