Monday, November 19, 2018

Lunch at the Courtard: Messiah's Homeless Ministry, November 25, 11:45 AM

Lunch at the Courtyard, Sunday, November 25, 11:45 AM, Episcopal Church of the Messiah (click for map).

Immediately following the 10:15 service the Messiah community and all interested persons will go out to the homeless shelter at the Courtyard to serve lunch. If you plan to come and/or bring food, please contact Lou Chapin at

Entrees, salads, fresh fruits, dinner rolls, and desserts are usually needed for this large lunch service, as are volunteers to serve the food. It is best to coordinate food donations with the organizers to make sure we have enough of everything. Cash donations are also welcome and will be used wisely in shopping for food on the Saturday preceding.

Wednesday Night Movie: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, November 28, 7:00 PM

Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Morgan Neville (2018, 93 minutes), Wednesday, November 28, 7:00 PM, Church of the Messiah (614 N. Bush Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701), Upper Room.

By the Academy Award winning director of 20 Feet From Stardom (2014), this documentary on the life and work of Fred Rogers examines the beloved television personality as a figure of cultural, ethical, and political significance, one whose values have been influential and controversial for decades.

"Not just because he was quiet and soothing and patient, but because he was ferocious and brave and radical. [...] the easily parodied, often underestimated icon of children's television was a total badass.

"Imagine what Mister Rogers would make of where we are now. Imagine what he'd say about the thousands of children currently being separated from their parents and detained in windowless facilities, as if their youth renders their emotional duress inconsequential. The lifelong registered Republican would be howling. 'I'm very much interested in choices,' he told the Dartmouth graduating class back in 2002. 'What choices lead to ethnic cleansing? What choices lead to healing? What choices lead to the destruction of the environment, the erosion of the sabbath, suicide bombings or teenagers shooting teachers? What choices encourage heroism in the midst of chaos?'" (Mary Elizabeth Williams,

Friday, November 16, 2018

Interfaith Witnesses: Saturday, November 17, 4:30 PM

IMPORTANT: Review Ground Rules for Interfaith Witnesses (below)!


Dear Interfaith Witnesses,

We once again will witness at the annual CAIR banquet on Saturday, November 17 at the Anaheim Hilton, 777 W. Convention Way, Anaheim, CA  92802.  The program starts at 6:00 p.m., so we should be outside from 4:30 p.m. to 6: 00 p.m.  After that, those who have bought tickets to sit at the Interfaith Witnesses table can go inside for the program (if you'd like to buy a ticket, do so here and specify the Interfaith Witnesses table).  If you'll be attending the event, park in the structure and bring your ticket inside to be validated.  If you are coming only for the witness, you can park in the open lot next to the hotel.  Please carpool in consideration of our environment and to save the cost of parking.

Every time we witness at this hotel, we see how important it is that we have the largest number of witnesses possible, and that we arrive before any harassers.  Please plan to arrive at 4:30 and come directly to the long curved sidewalk in the front of the hotel (photo attached) and take up as much space as possible as quickly as possible.  Remember that the space where we stand is public property so it is first-come, first-served as to who is allowed to stand there.  

We have had good success with the idea of wearing white as a way of creating a unified witness line, so please do so if possible.  And for anyone who'd like a reminder of our purpose, please see "What We Do" and "Ground Rules" which are attached.

Those who have IW banners or signs, please be sure to bring them.  If you'd like to simply print out our logo on a sheet of paper and hold that, please do--it's attached.  I have also attached the artwork for a banner, just in case anyone would like to have one made.  We definitely could use more banners to help create a visual barrier from any harassers.

This is love in action.  We are responding to hate with love.  I hope to see you on November 17!

Grace and peace,
(714) 362-7676


Please remember that we are Interfaith Witnesses; that means that we are present to bear witness and to be of assistance.  If we let our own anger or emotions show, we will defeat the purpose and make matters worse.

1) We will greet and escort attendees to an event or time of worship by remaining near the attendees, not going near any harassers.
2) We will not engage, confront, or respond to any harassers under any circumstances.  If anyone does, he/ she needs to leave.
3) If you receive an email or phone call asking you to be present as an Interfaith Witness at a certain time and place, please confirm whether you will be there.  Sometimes we will need to know whom to expect at certain locations. Both individuals and congregations can sign up as Interfaith Witnesses. 

For those who volunteer on behalf of their house of worship, we ask that they take responsibility for conveying the Ground Rules and other information to their congregation.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicki Tamoush at (714) 362-7676 or 

Interfaith Witnesses 13217 Jamboree Road, Suite 213 Tustin, CA  92782